A Serverless Platform

For Mailbox, Calendar, Workflow and Mobile Sync Applications



NuevaSync Platform

The NuevaSync Platform hosts mailbox-centric email applications, with support for IMAP, SMTP, Active Sync, CalDAV, vCard, iCalendar and LDAP as well as vendor-proprietary protocols and data formats. Application logic runs in a serverless context provided by the platform which easily scales to millions of users.


Mobile Sync Service

Running on the NuevaSync Platform, Mobile Sync Service provides Push Email for smart phones, tablets and Windows with the Active Sync protocol. The service is available both in a retail version for IMAP/SMTP and as a wholesale “white label” version for Email hosting providers.


NuevaSync Platform Technology is available for license as source code or for on-premises private deployments. Typical use-cases include the integration of the Exchange Active Sync protocol into an existing product or service, and applications that require a highly scalable IMAP message delivery event processing engine.

Mobile Sync

Looking for Push Email and Calendar Sync for Phones and Mobile Devices?